Sustainability at the Barclays Jersey Boat Show

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The Jersey Boat Show is moving towards becoming a more sustainable and environmentally conscious event. This year we aim to reduce the amount of single use plastic around the show. 

With the event promoting the maritime industry and encompassing all things ocean related it is our responsibility to adopt greener practices and lead the way in working towards holding an event that is environmentally conscious and provides enjoyment for all, while ensuring that our coastline and waters remain intact for the future enjoyment of all mariners.

One of the key aims for the Barclays Jersey Boat Show is to reduce the use of single use plastics and polystyrene. This includes single use plastic:

  • straws

  • or polystyrene food containers/cups

  • carrier bags

  • cutlery

We would like to thank those exhibitors and caterers who have already undertaken steps to reduce their single use plastic usage.

Ports of Jersey recently announced its sustainability plans, Ports Planet and People Plan. 

For anyone in the travel industry, a conversation about climate change is never going to be an easy one. The aircraft and boats that provide us with critical connectivity are also greenhouse gas polluters. To decarbonise travel, all parts of the supply chain will need to coordinate to enable meaningful actions. This will include manufacturers, fuel suppliers, airlines, ferry operators, airports, harbours, governments and others.  

All elements of the supply chain will need to take responsibility for the actions they take that contribute to emissions. For us, that means ensuring the facilities we provide operate sustainably, offering opportunities for our customers and enabling our business partners to contribute to the Island’s net zero ambition. 


Our sustainability strategy has been an employee-led initiative. They are the experts on our organisation and have proved this with their knowledge, insights, and sheer enthusiasm for what they’ve created. From decarbonisation to staff wellbeing, our strategy is a cross discipline framework that considers all elements of sustainability creating a holistic and joined up approach.  

You can find out more on Ports of Jersey's website.