2018 - Year of the Superhero

The 2018 Barclays Jersey Boat Show will see the first public appearance of a new superhero, Bubble Duck. This caped crusader is the guardian of the sea using his special powers to protect seafarers and all that live off water. Bubble duck was designed by Aimee the winner of last years’ duck design competition.

But there’s more……because Bubble Duck does not act alone. Like all good superheroes, Bubble Duck has a team of side-kicks who each have their own superpowers – meet the Duck Assemble.

Bubble Duck will be joined by Blaze, Breeze, Bright and Bloom and you can meet them all at this year's show by taking the Waddle Walk through the site. Make sure you take a photo with one of the ducks and upload to social media using #BarclaysDuck to win a Superhero prize.

Catch the new look and pop into the Barclays Hook a Duck tent on the New North Quay where you can catch your own Bubble Duck to take home and also enter into the daily Duck Race that will be taking place every afternoon.

You can also get your design into this year’s competition, designing next years' Celebration Duck Next year will be Barclays 10th anniversary sponsoring the Barclays Jersey Boat Show, so we see a party coming on!

The Barclays’ duck has become an icon of the show since its first appearance in 2010. It is a firm favourite with children and adults alike playing the ‘Hook a Duck’ game, with over 20,000 ducks being claimed by locals and visitors alike with some returning each year to update their collections. The duck also helps raise money for charity, with over £60,000 raised for charity since Barclay’s involvement in the Show. This year we are raising funds for the Jersey Branch of the Royal British Legion.

In addition to collecting your #BarclaysDuck and participating in the Waddle Walk, why not drop by the Barclays marquee on Sunday where there is plenty going on:

* Find out about Code Playground and Micro:bit with Barclays Digital Eagles * Learn about how you can get accredited with Digital Wings

* See 3D printing in action as we create mini Barclays Ducks with The Eagle Lab

* See the Barclays accessibility kit – stretching from high visibility debit cards, talking ATMs, sign language apps * Learn about e-safety and cyber crime from our Digital Eagles

* Design the Celebration duck for next years show.

The Barclays Jersey Boat Show remains the largest free-entry event in the Channel Islands. Barclays is proud to support the Show and many of our staff are looking forward to volunteering at the event and helping islanders enjoy what the show has to offer.


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