Step into the ‘Eco-Zone’ and help us make a difference

The 2019 Barclays Jersey Boat Show will see the introduction of new eco initiatives implemented as part of Ports of Jersey’s environmental programme in collaboration with event organisers 3D Events and the charity Plastic Free Jersey.

As one of the Island’s largest events, showcasing the maritime boating industry and its associated lifestyle, it provides a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness around sustainable initiatives and foster a positive change among attendees, employees, suppliers and the local community.

A key focus around this year’s show has been to limit the environmental impact to our marine life. This is being achieved in many ways. To help reduce single use plastics, of which 8 million pieces a day find their way into the world’s oceans, we have introduced water hydration stations in partnership with Jersey Water; these are located throughout the event arena and we encourage visitors to bring their own reusable bottles along to the show and make use of these free stations

All exhibitors have been provided with an eco-event guide outlining environmentally friendly alternatives to single use plastics. In addition, the show will be a balloon and confetti free zone and organisers have encouraged exhibitors to find alternative ways to promote their stand. Once a balloon bursts it becomes ‘litter’ and can easily make its way into the sea and places where it can cause problems to marine life.

The 2019 show will see the introduction of a new area located on the New North Quay, next to the Marine Leisure Centre, dubbed the ‘Eco Zone’. Here you’ll find a host of environmentally related charities and associations. These will include Jersey Marine Conservation, who are displaying a ‘Touch Tank’, providing a living model showing how different species interact, co-habit and survive through much of their life-cycle around the Island’s Waters. Also on display will be our Garbage Guzzler. This food processing machine is an onsite waste digester capable of turning food waste and compostable packaging into a natural soil amendment in just a few hours, requiring nothing more than an electricity supply. Other exhibitors in the Eco Zone include Littlefeet Environmental and Plastic Free Jersey on hand to advise on appropriate steps to take to help reduce your plastic usage.

The 2019 Barclays Jersey Boat Show will also be launching its branded free reusable cups. These will be available in two sizes and distributed by caterers upon purchase of a drink. They will also be available to collect from the Plastic Free Jersey stand and the 3D Events stand on the Albert Pier. There is a limited supply of the free cups and we encourage attendees to reuse their cups while at the event before taking them home for future use.

In 2019, Barclays is celebrating 10 years of sponsoring the boat show and will also see the completion of Decade of the Ducks. Although the ducks have become collector’s items, Barclays has decided to make this year's duck the last of the current series, as it seeks to minimise its impact on the environment. Barclays plans to reduce the carbon footprint of its global business by 80% by 2025.

Organisers are asking members of the public attending the 2019 Barclays Jersey Boat Show to help us on our journey to adopt greener practices, working towards holding an event that is environmentally conscious and provides enjoyment for all, while ensuring that our coastline and waters remain intact for the future enjoyment of all mariners.


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