Why exhibit at the Barclays Jersey Boat Show

Often dubbed the largest free-entry public event in the Channel Islands, the Barclays Jersey Boat Show attracts an average of 30,000 attendees over its three-day span.

While the primary focus of the Show remains on spotlighting the local marine industry, its expanding popularity has led to the inclusion of leisure and lifestyle products and activities, broadening its appeal and establishing it as a genuine community-centric gathering.

This presents an ideal opportunity for you to showcase your latest offerings, elevate your brand presence, connect with both new and existing clientele, and boost sales.

Our comprehensive marketing campaign spans across various channels, with our dedicated marketing team available to provide support. Additionally, our proposed PR and Social Media initiatives are designed to ignite conversations and captivate audiences, ultimately generating heightened interest in the event.

We encourage exhibitors to share details of their showcased products and innovations in advance, as we offer opportunities for pre-event promotion to our visitors.

Upon confirmation, exhibitors are granted permission to use the Barclays Jersey Boat Show logo for their marketing materials. For access to the approved logo, please reach out to info@jerseyboatshow.com.

Registration is now open

To book your space, you can now register via our online booking system (links below), ensuring that you provide us with the correct information and full payment at the time of booking.

Quayside Catering Space
Marina Exhibition Space
Quayside Exhibition Space

Exhibitor spaces are nearly full, so we encourage anyone interested in exhibiting to sign up soon to avoid disappointment, as we allocate spaces on a first come basis.

Need more information? Please email info@jerseyboatshow.com and one of our friendly sales team will get back to you.

Please note, the primary focus of the Barclays Jersey Boat Show is to actively promote maritime and lifestyle products and services. Our only exception to this is a limited number of third sector organisations, as part of our social responsibility to support our wider community. It is also a non-political event and we are unable to accept applications from political movements or those with a political agenda in order to retain our non-partisan position.


The Barclays Jersey Boat Show is moving towards becoming a more sustainable and environmentally conscious event. ​We’ve produced some information for exhibitors aims to outline some best practices to help reduce the Show’s footprint.

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