The Barclays Jersey Boat Show is moving towards becoming a more sustainable and environmentally conscious event.

With the Show promoting the marine leisure community and encompassing all things ocean related, it’s our responsibility to adopt greener practices and lead the way in working towards holding an event that is environmentally conscious and provides enjoyment for all, while ensuring that our coastline and waters remain intact for the future enjoyment of all mariners.

As part of our sustainability aims, we will be encouraging all visitors and exhibitors to travel to and from the Show by public transport where viable.

The following information for exhibitors aims to outline some best practices to help reduce the Show’s footprint.

Thank you to all our exhibitors for helping us with our efforts to becoming a more sustainable and environmentally conscious show.

Balloons and confetti

While balloons and confetti provide a festive feel to any event, they are not welcome at the Show. We encourage exhibitors to consider alternative ways to showcase the stand and products.

Once a balloon bursts, it becomes litter, which can easily make its way into the sea and places where it can cause problems to marine life. Even environmentally-friendly balloons, which will eventually breakdown, do not do so within a timeframe that removes the risk to birds and marine creatures.

Confetti is usually made of small pieces or streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic material. Despite environmentally-friendly versions, we ask all exhibitors to refrain from using any at the show. With the show’s proximity to the marina and harbour, it’s inevitable that amounts will end up in the water and the mess made can be seen for some time afterwards.


Please think carefully about promotional banners produced for the show. Wherever possible, consider non-date specific banners so they can be reused in the future.

Anyone who has banners going to waste after the show are encouraged to contact Plastic Free Jersey who have a partnership agreement with Signtech to upcycle any banners.

Cable ties

We encourage exhibitors to consider reducing the number of cable ties they use wherever possible or look at reusable alternatives, such as Velcro straps. Our water side location means cable ties can easily end up in the harbour and marina. We kindly ask all exhibitors to take responsibility for any cable ties used and ensure that when they are removed, they’re carefully collected and disposed of appropriately.

Food waste

The Barclays Jersey Boat Show has approximately 20 catering and refreshment traders and welcomes on average 10,000 visitors a day.

Using statistics from Eighth Plate, a UK-based organisation to prevent food waste from live events, we’ve estimated that this year’s show will produce 1,714 meals worth of food waste, producing over 3 tonnes of CO2.

We encourage exhibitors to consider ways of distributing food waste at the end of the show. One way of achieving this could be using the food-donating app, ‘OLIO’. The app allows you to publish any food or items that are going to waste, and members of the public are then able to claim them from your specified location. This is not only great PR for you, but importantly it’s also an opportunity to help others who may benefit from such a worthwhile service.

Single-use plastic

One of the key aims for the Barclays Jersey Boat Show is to reduce the use of single use plastics and polystyrene.

This includes single use plastic

    • straws
    • food containers/cups (or polystyrene)
    • carrier bags
    • cutlery

We’d like to thank all our exhibitors who’ve already undertaken steps to reduce their single use plastic usage. Any who haven’t already considered reducing single use plastics are encouraged to contact their supplier to find out what solutions they’ll be able to offer.

We also encourage exhibitors to accept customers who may choose to BYO (bring your own) containers, cups, and bags. Where feasible, rinse and reuse cups.

Waste management

As organisers, we’ve been working hard to ensure responsible waste management at the show.

Exhibitors should actively minimise waste wherever possible. Every effort should be made to use recyclable packaging, such as paper plates, bamboo cutlery and biodegradable containers.

Everyone is responsible for leaving their area in a clean, tidy, and respectable state every evening and at the end of the show.

Please remove and appropriately dispose of your own back of house waste. Waste should not be left on site after the show. Adequate waste bins will be placed throughout the show arena and wherever possible, waste should be separated and put into the relevant recycling sections.

Water hydration station

In partnership once again with Jersey Water, the Barclays Jersey Boat Show will see the addition of water refilling stations located throughout the arena, giving everyone the opportunity to use their own bottles and containers.

In an attempt to reduce single use plastics, we’ll be encouraging members of the public to bring their own bottles and containers to the show and use these free hydration stations.

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