2023 Barclays Jersey Boat Show the best yet

2023 Barclays Jersey Boat Show the best yet

It was another busy and successful weekend as thousands of people flocked to this year’s Barclays Jersey Boat Show. Thanks to excellent weather, and some star attractions, organisers predict it was its busiest Boat Show yet, with more than 32,000 people attending over the three days.

The organising team made several changes this year, which made a positive impact to how the show felt. One of the additions, and a highlight for many, was Gotheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest wooden tall ship, which many likened to an old pirate ship.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Harbourmaster Captain Bill Sadler, commented, “The sun came out and so did the crowds – this year was surely the best one yet! I got a chance to speak to many of the exhibitors, all of whom were really pleased with how the event had gone. There was a real sense of community in and around the arena, with so many people on the estate over the weekend enjoying themselves, highlighting what the harbour is capable of.

“I know we always say it, but it was an amazing event that couldn’t happen without a lot of hard work behind the scenes before, during and after the event. Having people jumping out of planes, safety demonstrations with Jersey Coastguard and the RNLI and taster sessions on powerboats all in the harbour, while business as usual continued, takes a lot of coordinating to ensure that everyone remains safe, and the teams at the Harbour played a vital role in that.”

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