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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has played an integral role in the annual Barclays Jersey Boat Show since it was first launched in 2008, with a large number of visiting vessels, musical performances and traditional ceremonies taking place.

In previous years, assets making appearances at the boat show have included fishery protection vessels, including HMS Mersey, HMS Severn and HMS Tyne. As the name suggests, these vessels have responsibility for the UK Extended Fisheries Zone. Over the Barclays Jersey Boat Show weekend, the ship is open to the public, with an opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet with members of the crew.


Other visiting Royal Navy vessels often include P2000 university training vessels, which are berthed in St Helier Marina and open to the public. Previous training vessels have included HMS Ranger, HMS Blazer and HMS Dasher. These vessels are training establishments connected to a university. Although their primary role is to support the University Royal Naval Units, they also contribute to a wide range of fleet tasking.


We look forward to announcing which vessels will be joining us at the Boat Show nearer to the time.

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