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Royal Navy

The Royal Navy has played an integral role in the annual Barclays Jersey Boat Show since it was first launched in 2008, with a large number of visiting vessels, musical performances and traditional ceremonies taking place over the years.

The New North Quay Marine Exhibitor area of the Show has been extended this year, to link the Show up with a new Military Village by the Steam Clock.

Royal Navy will have a mixture of landside assets in the Military Village, including their Mobile Outreach Vehicle, Royal Marine Commando Recruit Troop with the Weapons Dome and the Beaverfit gym.

On the water, we’re looking forward to welcoming the Royal Navy’s HMS Hurworth, a Hunt Class Mine Counter Measure Vessel, which will be berthed along Victoria Pier.  These vessels use high-definition sonar to scour the world's sea beds for mines and lost explosives, which are then destroyed by the ship's clearance diving teams or SeaFox Mine Disposal system. Admission is free and you can book your slot via Eventbrite.

The other ship on display is the Royal Navy’s P2000 Archer Craft Patrol Vessel, HMS Puncher, which is in St Helier Marina. 

Royal Navy assets are subject to change based on operational duties.

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